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Sydney BladeRunners are NSW's
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Sydney BladeRunners

Sharpening Services Sydney Wide

Sydney BladeRunners has been established since 1991 and has continued to be NSW's Premier Guillotine Sales & Sharpening Specialists.

Our company services the sharpening requirements of over six thousand customers comprising both the public and private sector. This includes eight hundred schools, Colleges and Universities.

All Sharpening work on standard paper cutters & trimmers is completed on site thus providing the customer with minimum inconvenience.
We also specialise in sharpening knives & scissors for personal and professional use.

Not only do we service guillotines, trimmers & shredders we also supply them.
This means that you the customer can be assured of full maintenance & sharpening of blades annually or as required.

Call or e-mail us for more details about our Sales & Sharpening service.

We Service & Supply to

Public & Private Sectors

Schools, Colleges & Uni

Pubs, Clubs & Restaurants