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Dahle 846 Heavy Duty Cutter

The Dahle 846 Professional Stack Cutter cuts up to 500 sheets of paper with minimal effort. Designed for precision, it features a machine ground blade for smooth trimming, built-in safety features, and a spindle-driven backstop for accuracy.

 Product Specifications:

  • Cutting length: 430mm
  • DIN: A3
  • Cutting capacity: 60mm
  • Cutting capacity A4 80 g/sm: 600
  • Table size (overall dimensions): 760 mm x 650 mm

 Product Features:

  • High-quality heavy duty cutter for commercial use
  • Sturdy metal table provides a stable base when cutting
  • Robust grip for easy cutting
  • Ground upper blade made of hardened Solingen steel– resharpenable
  • Easily interchangeable cutting stick can be used in eight different ways
  • High-quality, resharpenable Solingen steel blade for long-lasting cutting quality
  • Quick press lever for efficient work processes
  • Precision scale bars with mm scale for an exact 90° cut
  • Spindle-guided, self-arresting metal backstop to help you quickly find the right format


$2923.00 (GST included) + Delivery where needed.


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